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L’shana Tova! We, at Congregation Agudas Achim hope that you and your family are having a meaningful and delightful Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur. Services for Kol Nidre will be Sunday night and anyone who attends must first reserve a spot (to insure proper social distancing) and abide by the rules laid out HERE.  We are limited in the number of people that can attend so if you are interested, please reserve a spot early.

And while the look and feel of services this year might be different, the message is still the same and as always, Agudas Achim is holding its Israel Bond Drive. From our bond drive chairman, Jeff Huberman:

Every year during our Yom Kippur services at Agudas Achim, we pause to give our congregation the opportunity to invest in the State of Israel by pledging to buy Israel Bonds. It’s the phenomenal investment that, at once, supports the people, the economy, the infrastructure, and the defense of the great Jewish “start-up nation,” while paying personal financial benefits to you and your family. And every year, the members of our congregation join millions of others around the world in pledging to buy Israel Bonds in honor of their loved ones. It has been my privilege to stand before you each year to present you personally with this wonderful opportunity and to partner with Ed Kach and Harry Morgenstern in taking and announcing your pledges. Well, this year, we have to do it in a different way.  We have to do EVERYTHING in different ways this year!
So, that’s why I’m writing to give you the same High Holiday opportunity we have always given you in person–in shul.  To buy your Israel Bonds this year, simply respond to this email by telling us how many Israel Bonds you would like to buy, in what amounts (from a minimum of $100 Chai Bonds to unlimited), and the ones you would like to honor with your purchase.  Or you can call the Synagogue office directly at 309-692-4848.  It’s that simple. Gladys will make sure your pledge is recorded and sent to Israel Bonds for processing and billing.
And for those of you who would like a more “in-person” appeal, watch the brief video below of what I would say if all of us were sitting together side-by-side in shul on Yom Kippur: 

We may be working from outside the office and appear to be closed, but we remain very much open for business to help our community. Also, please check our page above (The Rabbi’s Corner) for Rabbi Michael Arsers’ weekly drashas for the coming months as we are unable to meet.

For more than 120 years, Congregation Agudas Achim has served the spiritual needs of Jewish life in Peoria and the surrounding area. With the only daily minyan and a kosher kitchen, Agudas Achim offers a unique blend of small town warmth and big city Jewish identity for its members and visitors.

This congregation is the largest traditional congregation in the state of Illinois outside of the Chicago area. There is a Talmudic study group every Sunday morning and easy access for those who wish to delve further into Torah.

Agudas Achim is far more than that just services. Each year, we combine with Anshai Emeth for a community-wide Purim party, and the congregation participants are heavily involved with the Jewish Federation of Peoria. We are active sponsors of the Peoria Hebrew Day School whose children come to our services several times a year to lead and to enjoy the Shabbos morning. and ma’ariv services to follow.

We are located at 5614 N. University St., Peoria, Ill. 61614. For more information, either call at (309) 692-4848 or email at congaa@sbcglobal.net.

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