Picture Gallery

aawebsite.jpg. Here’s a page out of a historical look at Peoria with some insight into Agudas Achim and the Peoria Hebrew School, which predates our current day school. The image will open in another tab or frame. Click on it to make it bigger and easier to read.

aawebsite_20001.jpg Here’s a picture of Rabbi Hyatt at the “old synagogue” on Monson and Sixth Street. As with the first picture, click on it to make it bigger. The date is unknown.

aawebsite_3.jpg A picture of the old Bimah.

torahs.jpg Agudas Achim has been blessed with donations of several Torahs over the years. Here are four of them. In all, the synagogue has nearly a dozen.

the Aron Kodesh. In 2006, Agudas Achim had a wonderful new Aron Kodesh built, thanks to the generosity of many of the congregants. it’s unique in the area due to its size, wood engraving and the fact that it is from Israel.

Two shots, one here and one here , from an upsherin, held at our home away from home, Lakeview Museum. THe boy was about to turn three and as such, it is traditional for parents to have their hair cut for the first time then.

Here are some recent photos from Purim 2010. Photo 1, Photo 2 and Photo 3.

A recent photo of Hannukah is below.



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